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How to Prepare

How to Prepare for Acupuncture Treatment:

It is important to keep comfortable on the day of acupuncture. Wear loose clothing that you can relax in. Pay special attention to assuring that your clothes are appropriate for the weather and outside temperature.

Eat lightly on the day of acupuncture. Drink water or fruit juice. Don’t eat a very large meal just prior to treatment or for the remainder of the day of acupuncture. Drink about 8 cups of fluid throughout the day of treatment, if possible. You may have caffeine.

Continue to take all of your routine medications.

Don’t drink alcohol the day of your acupuncture treatment.

Do not plan any intense physical workout or any significant medical intervention for the remainder of the day after you receive acupuncture. This includes physical therapy or dental work. However, it is fine to have physical therapy before the acupuncture treatment.

Most people feel very relaxed after acupuncture. Keep this in mind when you plan the day of your appointment. Avoid scheduling stressful meetings at work or home. Allow yourself to enjoy the sense of relaxation and well-being you will feel after treatment.



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